Saturday, March 15, 2008

Random Occurences

Sorry for the extended absence, but I've been a wee bit sleep-deprived lately. First, for your viewing pleasure, a few new pictures:

Four little monkeys sitting on a couch...

The boys:
The oh-so-stylish girls: (Ever read the book "Fancy Nancy"?)
With our little guy:
A visit from Aunt Kori, preserving Mama's sanity
And a visit from Grandma Idaho, who cooked and cleaned and entertained the three olders for a whole week so I could rest! Ahhhh.

Next, some Random Quotables:
Teacher: "Julia, do you have an announcement to make to the class? Did something special happen this week?"
Miss B: "Yes, my aunt Kori is here!"
Teacher: "Anything else?"
Miss B: "Yes, both of my grandmas are coming to visit!"
Teacher: "Anything else?... like, maybe, a baby?"
Miss B (after a moment's thought): "Oh, yeah, we also got a new brother."

And finally, a Random Moment of Panic:
Ammo decided it was high time Mama got acquainted with our local poison control guy, so this morning she opened the "child-proof" carpet cleaner and tried to drink it, and this afternoon she chugged some Hydrogen Peroxide and started frothing at the mouth. We promptly decided it's also high time we invested in some strong cabinet locks.