Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Beach day!

Since Dave was visiting us in Burbank for a few days, we decided to rent a van and do some fun, vacation-like things and take advantage of our exile in California!! We spent a day in Malibu and had a picture-perfect time!

Nathan, dodging the waves--he was pretty brave and had some mean body-surfing moves!

The ringmaster, enjoying the surf

Yeah, he had that much fun. The beach is no place for a super-mobile, crawling/cruising/everything-in-the-mouth baby!

Ammo spent the day making sure she looked just right.
And avoiding all contact with the waves!

Miss B, after reading "The Rescuers", has been obsessed with messages in bottles, and has spent the last week or so composing dozens of SOS notes and sticking them in every recycle-bin item she could lay her hands on. Imagine her delight when we told her she could actually throw this one into the sea!

She quickly realised that it is harder than it looks to actually get the waves to take the bottle OUT to sea. So she got to practice her sidearm for quite a while. Finally, she just left the bottle on the shore, and made up stories about the kids who would find the note... You've never met a more imaginative kid. She's a little Anne Shirley.