Friday, May 30, 2008

Aunt invasion!

For Memorial Day Weekend, Aunt Kori and Aunt Angie came to visit and entertain! Determined not to let the stormy weather ruin our fun, we managed to fit in two bbq's, cooking with the kids, bounce-housing, making and playing with play-doh, and (of course) a trip to Braum's.

Play-doh creations:

Ammo with the ubiquitous blanket and thumb

Miss B, the princess/ballerina

Super-Nathan, who loves listening to stories his Mama makes up about his nighttime derring-do, when he becomes Spider-Boy and rescues all who need, er, rescuing

Bounce house fun

And, for more pics, follow these links to see the slide show Angie put together!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Fruit of the Spirit


With the help of Uncle Billy, Daddy FINALLY finished the screened porch project (can't tell you how many hours of work went into that one!) and now we have a very pleasant place to spend our mornings, days, evenings... and all bug-free! Since we've been outside so much, we've seen some interesting new things.

First, the local rabbit population has more than doubled... now I understand all those "like rabbits" jokes. The young bunnies have begun to venture out of their holes and into our gardens... this one is no bigger than a rat.

Next, two baby robins just hatched in a nest by the porch...

The kids had a blast checking them out, but Mama robin was rather hot and bothered by all the visitors!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Those terrible two's

Two months old....

Two shots per leg...

Two new teeth...

Still up two times a night!