Sunday, October 31, 2010

Star Wars, Age 6

Not so very long ago, in a backyard not so far away....
 Exuberant young boys engaged in intensive Jedi Training.

They learned to intimidate their opponents,
 vanquish Darth Vader in effigy,
defeat the enemy from a distance,
engage in saber-to-saber combat in small, enclosed spaces,
 and develop stamina with a vigorous exercise regimen. 
  All this in preparation for the big moment... When it was discovered that the enemy, Darth Vader himself, had (dramatic music) Stolen The Birthday Gifts!
The clue led us to the closed garage, which the young Jedis needed to open by using... THE FORCE!
 Inside, the dark Lord Vader towered over the pile of presents, and dared all to fight him. 
 Lucky to escape with his life, he forsook the Dark Side and became the birthday slave. 
Kneel before Master Nathan!
Now get out of here... But leave the cake to us!
In a few years, we may have a sequel...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something you don't see every day

So Nathan was reading one of his early-reader books, "Tiny the Snow Dog," and I happened to notice the illustrator's dedication:
To the One who loves all the children
of the world--Jesus Christ,
my Redeemer.

Huh.  Never seen anything quite like that before.  Curious, I pulled out a few other books in the series (Nathan adores all of them) and found other interesting dedicationsby the illustrator, Rich Davis:

In "When Tiny Was Tiny" it reads:
To my beautiful mom who nurtured
my creative gift since birth and who
prayed me into God's kingdom.  I love you!

From "Tiny's Bath":
To my ninety-five-year-old grandmother,
Gaga, who showed me how to love laughter,
a good story, and God.  I love you.

In "Tiny Goes to the Library",
To Angie, my wife and best friend:
I'm so glad God brought us together
to make a home.  I love you!

How often do you see dedications like those?  BTW, the books are all super cute.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Gone Fishin'

 We took advantage of a picture-perfect early Autumn day to do some fishing in a friend's lake...
 Ammo caught a fish of her own, but was perfectly content to relax in her "little cute pink chair" and observe the rest of the action.
 Nathan was in little boy heaven--this kid LOVES the outdoors, and relishes every opportunity to do "guy-stuff outside"
Jakey reeled in the prize-winner, but spent most of the morning playing with the worms.

Miss B quote of the day: "You know, I often miss living in California.  But when we do things like this, I don't miss it so much!"

I second that.